About Red Smoke Grill


Red Smoke Grill is a concept restaurant combining convenience with a casual atmosphere, and serving freshly prepared food made with high-quality ingredients, we buy all-natural chickens, choice tri-tip, and tender pork for the protein items that are the main ingredients for most of the entrees. We serve a unique, point-of-difference menu that is affordable and quick to execute.

The concept has aspects of "Santa Maria Barbecue," Tri-tip and chicken cooked over red oak, with items such as the Red Smoke Original Tri-Tip Sandwich with fresh hand-cut salsa and a side item of Pinquinto Beans. Santa Maria Barbecue is a Central California style of cooking over indigenous red oak that was developed during cattle drives in that region of the country many years ago. Unique entrees developed for this concept include the Tri-tip and Blue Sandwich, made with tri-tip, horseradish sauce, caramelized onions and blue cheese crumbles.