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Signature Sandwiches

All sandwiches served on our specially made roll. Add one side dish to any of these sandwiches for $1.25.

Red Smoke Original
Santa Maria-Style tri-tip sliced thin, served with fresh
hand-cut salsa and cilantro cream sauce.
Regular Size $7.99
Large Size $9.49

Tri-Tip and Blue
Thin-sliced served with horseradish sauce, topped with
carmelized onions and crumbled blue cheese.
Regular: $7.99
Large: $9.49

Tri-Tip and Chipotle
Thin sliced, served with chipotle sour cream sauce
and roasted corn salsa.
Regular: $7.99
Large: $9.49

Build Your Own Tri-Tip Sandwich
BBQ-Au-Jus Horseradish, jack cheese, carmelized onions,
salsa, or blue cheese,
$0.65 each
Regular: $7.69
Large: $9.29

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Creamy cole slaw and BBQ chicken.
Regular $7.49
Large: $8.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, bacon, jack cheese,
and ranch sauce.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Tender chunks of slow-roasted pork with our special spice rub;
and creamy cole slaw.
Regular: $7.49
Large: $8.99

Veggie Sandwich
Ask about today's selection.


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All platters served with your choice of two side dishes and a corn muffin.

Thick-Cut Tri-Tip Platters 6 oz./10 oz.

Tri-Tip With Au Jus or BBQ

Santa Maria-Style Tri-Tip
Thin sliced tri-tip piled high, topped with fresh hand-cut salsa, and cilantro cream sauce

Blue Style
With horseradish sauce, carmelized onions, and crumbled blue cheese

Chipotle Style
With chipotle crean sauce, and corn salsa

Pulled Pork Platter
Tender chunks of pork slow roasted with our chipotle BBQ sauce.


Rotisserie Chicken
Half a chicken marinated in garlic, citrus, spices and slow cooked to perfection on our rotisserie.

St. Louis-Style Pork Ribs
Ribs so tender they fall of the bone. Coated with our signature barbecue rub, basted with chipotle barbecue sauce.
Half Slab: $14.99
Full Slab: $22.99

Grilled Chipotle Prawns
Marinated with chipotle peppers, garlic, citrus and grilled to perfection.

Pork Ribs, Tri-Tip, Pulled Pork, Prawns, or Rotisserie Chicken
Combo Platter 2 Items: $14.99
Combo Platter 3 Items: $19.99

Family Meals To Go

Rotisserie Chicken

Pulled Pork

1lb Tri-Tip & Whole Chicken

Full Slab of Ribs & Whole Chicken

1lb Tri-Tip & 1 lb Pulled Pork

1 1/2 lb - $34.99 - 2 lbs - $38.99

Slab-and-a-Half of Pork Ribs

Double Slab Pork Ribs

1lb Tri-Tip & Whole Slab


All large salads are served with a corn muffin

Red Smoke Chopped Salad
Fresh crisp greens tossed with roasted corn, roma tomatoes, black beans, cheese and citrus vinaigrette.

Add grilled chicken breast or pulled Pork for $1.49
Add chipotle prawns or tri-tip for $2.99
Add soup for $1.50

Caesar Salad Red Smoke Style
Fresh crisp hearts of romaine with our creamy Caesar dressing, pumpkin seeds and tortilla strips.
Add grilled chicken breast or pulled Pork for
Add chipotle prawns or tri-tip for $2.99
Add soup for $1.50

Balsamic Salad With Glazed Pecans
Blue cheese crumbles and shaved red onion.
Add grilled chicken breast or pulled Pork for
Add chipotle prawns or tri-tip for $2.99
Add soup for $1.50

Spinach Salad
Dried cranberries, apples, pecans, honey mustard dressing.
Add grilled chicken breast
or pulled Pork for $1.49
Add chipotle prawns or tri-tip for $2.99
Add soup for $1.50


  (1/2 pint/pint/quart)


Garlic Mashed Potatoes $2.99/$4.99/$8.99
Potato Salad$2.99/$4.99/$8.99
Creamy Cole Slaw$2.99/$4.99/$8.99
Ranch-Style Beans $2.99/$4.99/$8.99
Roasted Corn Salad $3.99/$5.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup $3.99/$5.99/$9.99

Small Side Salad
small: $2.99 / large: $4.99
French Fries small: $2.99 / large: $3.99

Sweet-Potato Fries $3.99
Onion Rings $3.99
Fried Green Beans $3.99

Combo Pick Two $6.99


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Certified Angus Burgers

 Charbroiled with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles
and onion.

Kids Meals

served with french fries and a small soda.

Red Smoke Burger reg. $6.49/ dbl $8.99
Cheeseburger reg $6.99/ dbl $9.59
Bacon Cheeseburger reg $8.59
/ dbl $10.59

Chicken Strips

Tri-Tip Sandwich
Mini Corn Dogs
Chicken Sandwich


Kids Ribs



Fountain Drinks $2.49 / $2.99
Juice, Snapple, Energy $2.99
Ice Tea $1.99
/ $2.59
Coffee / Tea $2.49